Ekstraholding is a company that is dealing with aluminium profiles, chrome (INOX) profiles and accessories for balustrades. We have 25 years tradition on this field but as a company we have started on September 1-st, 2010 with partner determined to provide the most innovative and highest quality balustrade systems available.

The professional attitude and approach of our partner (MESAPOL- Turkey) have made the company to be leader on all Balkan region, Europe and Asia.

With focus on quality, dependable and professional service, and superior products, Ekstraholding quickly became a benchmark in this area. For 4 months he have succeded to make contracts with 35 regional firms.

Ekstraholding have completed few big projects, and some of them are still in progress. Ekstraholding continues to develop innovative ways to introduce quality aluminium products to the market, including the newly designed INOX style, chromized.

As a company we have the best prices in the region, we sell wholesale and retail products and transport is free. For our reliable customers we offer special prices and also good bonuses.

Please feel free to browse our extensive website for any further information you may require, or contact us through mail or phone at:
info@ekstraholding.com 0038922044566